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Our Mission.

Take on College’s mission is to make higher education accessible to all through dedicated mentorship.


About Us.

For Students. By Students.

As recent graduates, we've gone through the challenge of juggling AP classes, standardized testing, college applications, financial aid, and searching for scholarships - all within the same semester. It can be tough, especially if you don't have anyone to help you. That's where we come in.

We started Take on College in 2019 because we noticed the lack of mentorship resources available for those who would become first-generation college students. The average college counselor can cost upwards of $100 per meeting - and as college students who can't afford that, we want to help.


Through Take on College, we provide an accessible program for students to learn from others who have just gone through the same process. Each one of our mentors has experience in mentoring and college essay editing. Enjoy our services; learn about our take on essays, resumes, cover letters, and more!

Our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Commitment.

Take on College works to nurture the learning and growth of our community of diverse mentors and mentees. We specialize in working with first-generation and low-income students, to bridge the access gap in higher education equity.

We aim to fulfill the following objectives:

i. Enhance student access and understanding in the college application process

ii. Recruit, develop, and retain mentors and board members with diverse backgrounds and experiences

iii. Expand community engagement and impact through nonprofit and school district partnerships

By The Numbers

400+ Students Served

These include students from 9-12th grade! 

59% of mentees are first-gen students

Meaning,, they will be the firsts in their families to attend college

50% of students qualify for free/reduced lunch

We seek to find colleges and scholarships that best support these students to make their education as affordable as possible. This increased 7% from last year!

14 States Served

This includes at home in Washington, as well as California, New York, Texas and Oregon.

93% of mentees

got into one of their top three choice schools! 

5 Countries Served

This includes the Philippines, India, Nigeria and Ethiopia!

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