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Rani, Mentor

"I joined Take on College in July and am now a mentor and the marketing committee chair, and I absolutely love it. The people at Take On College are what makes it a truly great experience. I have met so many friends, both on the Take On College staff and also some of my mentees, and I'm so excited to continue to work with them."

Caroline, Mentor

"Being a mentor for TOC has been one of the most valuable learning experiences I’ve ever had. Not only am I learning how to share my ideas but also to put them into action. I am given the opportunity to express my creativity by designing stickers, the logo, the color schemes, and doodles for TOC. I grew in my communication skills not only through working with the committee members but also on how to speak naturally and share feedback in a clear way. With such a supportive team that will always understand and be there for me, I know I will treasure my time with TOC for the years to come."

Lisa, Mentor

"As a senior in college, there have been a lot of experiences - both good and bad - that have come with my time in academia. I can say with confidence that Take on College is one of the best experiences you can have in terms of learning and growing as a student and as a person. Volunteer - you won't regret it!"

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