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Congratulations Class of 2020!

You guys put in a ton of work and effort, so we're making this post to celebrate you! With this map, you can check out where you and your fellow mentees got accepted.

Don't See Your University?

For you to show your pride, we need to know what you thought of us! Be sure to fill our our feedback form and tell us where you got accepted. This way, we get your valuable feedback - and you get to flex your acceptances. The feedback form can be found if you click the image above and scroll to the bottom. :)

So... What's Next?

Did you know that Take On College is currently doing FREE ($0) scholarship editing?? Scholarship szn is in full swing, and it's not to late to go after that free money! Our advice: apply, apply, apply - the bigger your net, the more fish you will catch. Even $200 goes a long way towards textbooks. Sign up for our edits up top, and keep an eye out for our scholarship posts.

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