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Our Team

Hong Ta

Co-Founder, Executive Director

Hi! I’m Hong, and I’m a graduate at the University of Puget Sound with degrees in  Politics and Government and Spanish! I am a Matelich scholar, which is their full-ride scholarship given to two students in the Class of 2023, and am really excited to help you build a great application for your dream college! 


I have experience as a college and career mentor, and have edited college essays, resumes and cover letters. As a senior, I was so overwhelmed with how to apply to college, and want to support you for this important time in your high school career.


Nick Tran

Co-Founder, Chief Financial Officer

Hey! My name is Nick, and I’m graduate from the University of Michigan (Go Blue!) with an Industrial & Operations Engineering degree with an interest in business and entrepreneurship. In my free time, you can find me flying, traveling, or playing tennis.


For you new applicants, there’s a lot of new info coming at you, but no worries: I’m here to support you through it all, from your personal statement to your scholarship apps. Looking back at my senior year, there’s a ton of advice I want to give my past self - so instead, I’ll give it to you!

Caroline Tran

Mentor, Graphic Web Designer, Marketing Committee

Hi there! I’m Caroline and I’m an graduate at Stanford University with a degree in Computer Science. I love math, and I also love to draw!  I like to watch movies with my dog and cook up tasty meals in the kitchen! 

Jumping head first into college as a first-gen student, I’ve experienced all the confusion you can think of! It is scary and definitely overwhelming. As a tutor and mentor for many years, I've learned the importance of listening. I understand. I am here for you, and I am so excited to help you tell your story! 



Steph Glascock

Hi! My name is Steph Glascock and I'm excited to help with the college navigation process! I'm a recent graduate from Georgetown University majoring in Government and I plan to go to law school. When I was applying to college, I really benefited from peers reviewing my essays and helping me select schools that truly fit my interests. I'm excited to help you in this process!


Lisa Young

Head of Pre Med Mentorship Program

Hi there! I’m Lisa, and third year medical student at Johns Hopkins SOM. I am eager to help support you all through your journeys in high school, college, and beyond!

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Hi! I am Bill and I just graudated in  Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology at the University of Washington. I am currently working as a research assistant studying natural genetic variation in fruit flies to help target treatments for Alzheimer’s. Outside of school, I love swimming, reading, and hiking.  


Smriti Lamichhane

Admin Staff and Mentor

Hi! My name is Smriti and I am a senior at the University of Texas at Austin. I love riding my bicycle, napping, and binge-watching David Dobrik vlogs. As a first-generation student, I understand how confusing and overwhelming applying for college is. So, I am excited to help you alleviate some of that stress. Take it easy, you got this!


Capriana Jiang


Hi! My name is Capriana and I recently graduated from the University of Puget Sound. I currently volunteer at a free clinic in Tacoma where I help doctors with patient intake and translate for medical Chinese and Spanish. In my free time I play lacrosse, beekeep, sew, and run my small business where I buy and sell vintage and antique quilts!

UPS headshot.JPG

Theresa Tran

Marketing Commitee Head, Mentor

Hi! I'm Theresa and I'm a student at the University of Washington in Seattle majoring in Computer Science. I'm excited to keep everyone updated through our social media platforms!


Amal Roble


Hi! My name is Amal and I attend the  University of Southern California  majoring in neuroscience on the pre med track. I am a recipient of the trustee scholarship which is a full merit tuition scholarship. I’m excited to become a mentor because take on college helped alleviate a lot of the stress that came with the college application process. Happy to be of help :)


Selina Franovic

Administrative Director

I'm a first-gen recent grad from the University of Michigan College of Engineering. I studied  Industrial and Operation Engineering. My family is from ex-Yugoslavia, so I love traveling to Europe to visit. I speak five different languages! 

selina 1.jpg

Jazmine Bailey

Admin Staff and Mentor

Hi my name is Jazmine and I am a recent grad from the University of Michigan majoring in Industrial & Operations Engineering with a minor in Entrepreneurship. My college application experience was very exciting yet intimidating, and as a mentor I am eager to use what I learned to aid in your college application experience! 

jazmine mentor pic.jpeg

Dave Young


Hi, my name is Dave! I’m a biology and psychology student at the University of Washington. I’m interested in pursuing a career in either medicine or research. Outside of academics, I like to spend my time playing badminton, swimming, chess, and going hiking!

dave mentor pic.PNG

Truc Mai Bui


Hi! I am Truc Mai (Nancy) Bui and I am a student at the University of Washington double-majoring in microbiology and Asian languages and culture, on the pre-MD trajectory. In my free time, you can find me hiking, running, reading, or learning new things. Matriculating into university as an Early Entrance student, I had a lot of fears and doubts of my capabilities as a student. My advice to incoming university students would be to 'just do it'. Just take the leap because you are always more capable than you think you are. Your possibilities are not limited by the past. My hope is to inspire quality higher-education because I believe that education is the most powerful agent of change in the world. I hope to learn your stories and help students with the application process to put their best self forward. 

Bui Nancy.JPG

Gabriel Sison

Evaluation Committee

Hello! My name is Gabriel Sison, and I am a student at UW studying computer science. As a mentor, I am excited to give my students advice and tips I’ve picked up in regard to college! These things include the Washington state College Bound scholarship, transfer admissions, Running Start (which I participated in), working while in college (which I do as a math tutor 19 hours a week), and general advice that can be just about anything. I live by the motto, “Keep yourself busy so you don’t have time to waste.


Krizha Maramba


Hello! I'm Krizha a senior at Troy High School. For college, I plan on studying biomedicine since I enjoy research. Out of school, I enjoy playing video games, hiking, and traveling! As a high school student myself, I know it's a stressful time, but you got this!

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