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Davie Anne, Seattle University

"...I can't recommend this business and the people behind it strongly enough." 

Danawit, Senior

"As the first in my family that will be attending college, programs like ToC are lifesavers. Having a second eye on my essay and someone to help me navigate through the college application process was so useful and I am so thankful."


Sonya, Arizona State University

"... I feel like I really got the support I needed from them-they truly care about helping students get to where they want to be."

Aditi, Senior

"...they provided honest and specific feedback that gave me direction throughout the experience..."

Abbi, Senior

"My goal is to attend an out-of state university next fall and I've been really stressed about scholarships. Fortunately, Take on College helped relieve my stress by helping with my scholarship essays. I'm feeling much more confident about the process and definitely recommend others to signing up with ToC!"


Jarmaine, Junior

"I applied to a civic engagement internship for the fall, and it was my first application..."


Raf, Embry Riddle University

"Take on College was nothing short of amazing during my college and scholarship application process..."


Naba, Cornell University

"As a child of 2 immigrant parents who didn’t study in the United States, Take on College was a lifesaver..."

Megan, Senior

"Most importantly, my mentor made me feel CONFIDENT for the first time. I finally felt proud of my personal statements and I am now more than ready to submit my application."


Theresa, Freshman

"Walking into high school, I knew very little as to what the process was for getting an internship or job..."


Anusha, University of Washington,

Computer Science

"As a first generation college student whose family is unable to afford private college advisors/coaches/mentors, Take On College was a godsend for me..."

Michelle, Senior

"Take On College was super helpful with suggestions as well as tips and advice on how to make my essay more personal and unique! Although my essay was already fleshed out and focused, they helped me further improve on my concision and flow. Thank you so much!"

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