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Diyanah Jilani - Diyanah Jilani_edited.j

Diyanah, Georgia Institute of Technology

"It was also nice to meet other first-generation students like me who did not have as many resources to navigate the college application process." 

IMG_2828 - Tommy.jpeg

Tommy, University of Washington Seattle, Asian Language and Culture

"Thank you to my mentor for believing in me when I didn’t! You always took the time to support me and though I came in with what I thought was the most terrible application a student can offer, you helped me tell my story, so that I can help tell the stories of others. TL;DR: You slayed."

0510F0E7-A69C-4574-BA1F-96B96515A534 - Katrina Chan.jpeg

Katrina, University of Michigan

".With the help of Take On College, I was able to get into my dream school, so I highly recommend their program!"

IMG_4719 - Gween Cordero.jpeg

Gween, University of Washington Tacoma, Psychology

"Being a part of Take on College’s Summer Fellowship Program was the best thing that I ever did for my senior year self."


Vy, UC Berkeley, Biology & Business

"From walking through the extracurricular descriptions to crafting a personal statement, my mentors at Take on College provided all mentees with amazing resources as well as personal feedback."

Huda, Columbia University, Computer Science

" Through this program I got help on college apps, resume building and got accepted to my dream school."

IMG_3121 - Vexillum.jpeg

Lena, University of Washington Seattle, Psychology

"If I’m being honest, I have no idea where I’d be right now if it wasn’t for ToC, but I do know that ToC helped me more than I could’ve ever imagined."

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