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Our Take on College Services

Fall Mentorship Program

You will be matched with a mentor throughout the entire college application season and have a support system to answer any questions, as well as provide feedback on your draft essays. 

We're open to ALL high school seniors graduating in the class of 2024. 


-Be communicative and responsive with your mentor about availability and meetings. 

-Send in essays  for feedback ahead of time. This is not a program for last minute edits. 

What We Can Help You With:


Cover Letter Edit

Applying to your dream internship? Cover letters are the first thing job or internship providers see when you apply! We have experience editing cover letters to be succinct and effective. This option is perfect for those in any grade who want to improve their application to any job or internship!

Scholarship Essay Edit

Got into your dream school? You need to figure out how to pay for it! That's why scholarship essays are just as important as college apps. Just like our other essay edits, we'll do a thorough edit of your drafts, and offer you ideas that make your essay extra-persuasive. Get that bread!

Common/Coalition Essay Edit

This edit is for students who already have a draft (it can be rough!) of their Common or Coalition application.


It includes one thorough online editing by one to two mentors, and will include comments put on at least every paragraph of your essay, as well as an deep explanation and summary of our edits at the bottom of the document. 

Resume Edit

Some colleges ask for a resume to include in your application. We can help you design, optimize and edit your resume to showcase your academic and professional experience! Even if you are not a senior, you can benefit from this service when applying for any internships, fellowships or jobs!

Supplemental Essay Edit

Your supplemental essay can make your application to your dream college stand out from others. Have a draft? We'll help you make it better!


Similar to the Common/Coalition essay edit option, one mentor will help you enhance your supplemental essay by doing a thorough online edit and commenting on at least every sentence.


Pre Med Mentorship Program

A Medicine Cabinet Blog Partnership

This year, Take on College has since expanded to have a pre-med branch. The pre-med branch of Take on College works with undergraduate students from institutions all around the US that are interested in post graduate health programs such as nursing, dental, PA, medical schools and more. Our mentors are medical students and healthcare professionals that work with students one on one to edit admissions essays, work on resume building, study for entrance exams, navigate the application process, and more. We offer both long and short term mentoring based off of what each student needs. 

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