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Take On College Goes Viral

When it comes to ideas, we here at Take On College are full of them. That's why we've made an Instagram, a Facebook, a LinkedIn... and a TikTok??? Give us a follow @takeoncollege!

Stay Up to Date With The Latest Scholarships

Following us has its benefits - while the website is only updated bi-weekly, our social media posts weekly about new scholarship opportunities. Give yourself the extra time and turn on post notifications. We also do shoutouts and cool tips/tricks videos on our social media, so go ahead and follow for the chance to be featured!

Sharing Our Take On College Startup

Have we helped you out? Did you enjoy our services? If so:

Fill out our feedback form!

  • It just takes 2-3 minutes and helps us be better

Share our posts with your friends!

  • Maybe they could use some tuition money

Spread the Take On College Brand!

  • Help us help others by growing our business

We wouldn't exist without clients like you - so thank you, from the bottom of our hearts <3.

Have Questions? Let Us Answer!

Have a burning #question? Good news!

You can tag us @takeoncollege with your question, and if we think others have the same question, we'll do a video response and tag you back! (#featured #responses #answers).

In all reality, if you have a question, chances are that others are wondering the same thing. So go ahead and #ask away! Who knows, maybe you'll get a TikTok dance out of it...

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